Kindergarten 1st Grade 2nd Grade 3rd Grade 4th Grade 5th Grade
Meghan Collette Bostardi Barksdale Gray Beasley Connolly
Krystal James Brackett Campbell Howze Doheny Eppes
Maddie Erdman Kimbrell Heyneke Lyons Garrick Fucci
Mark Mason Longwell Knight Niles Hernandez Sugden
  Storm Sheedy Newton Kelley Castle
Kat Caston Marr Player Jennings Wilkerson Lothridge
Jamie Alvarado   Williams Plyler    
Amy Brewer     Figuero    
Kendra Che'King          
Vivienne Dunlap          
Kaylee Grayson          
Mitzi King          
Kimberly Noll          
Svetlana Auletto          





Special Services, Related Arts, Guidance Counselors, Nurses, and Staff
Alejandro Leach Sloan
Bailey McGee Thompson
Chouinard McLaughlin K.Williams
Estes Mitchell L.Williams
Feneis Monyette Wilson
Hattaway Morris  Terry
Jaeger Palladino Thomas
Kuja Randolph Helms
Koenig Sanders Sneed
Layne Silvestri Meyers
Strong Officer Buddy Jones
Foggy Warner Campbell
Chisolm White Saxton
Graves Hollingsworth Jaeger


Principal Assistant Principal Assistant Principal
Nicole Randolph Matt Savage Ebony Kennedy



Donors Choose is also and great way to support our teachers. It's a quick and easy alternative to support their classroom curriculum and assist in providing other instructional essentials. 
















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