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Reserve a Rock

2023-2024 dates are now OPEN - links are below! Please read the guidelines before booking!

We have 2 rocks available for rental at KTES - a Car Rider rock and a Bus Rider rock! Rental is $20 per day (non-refundable).  Due to the amount of children in our school, we ask that you only reserve it for one day. Reservations and payment are online only and can be completed using the links below and you will be reminded 3 days prior to your reserved day (2 days prior to your paint day)

How to Reserve a Rock:

  • Sign up for the Rock you want to paint using the appropriate sign up link below

  • Sign up for the date you would like and include your Student's name and your phone number (phone number will not be displayed)

  • Complete the payment with a debit or credit card on Signup Genius

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING GUIDELINES CAREFULLY (not following guidelines will result in losing future rock painting privileges) :

  • The PTO is  NOT responsible for assisting you with changing dates due to illness, travel, weather, etc.  We kindly remind you that the PTO Board Members are volunteers!  

  • Rental is $20 per day, payable through Signup Genius when making your reservation (*financial assistance is available)

  • Only one family may rent the rock per day and Rental is on a first come, first served basis

  • Daily rental runs from 4pm the day prior to your reservation until 4pm on the day of your reservationYou may paint the rock anytime on or after 4pm on the day prior to your reservation (for example, if you reserve the rock for September 20th, you may paint the rock at or after 4pm on September 19th.  Your message will remain up until 4pm on September 20th.)

  • Rental of the rock is rain or shine! You are not entitled to another day or a refund if your scheduled painter is unable to come out due to weather.  

  • Renter is responsible for providing supplies and doing the paintingPlease keep the area around the rock clean and neat while painting

  • No profane words or symbols or derogatory or offensive messages will be permitted 

  • KTES PTO is not responsible for parents, students or others who paint the rock without reserving it

  • KTES PTO reserves the right to block out dates for school use            

By clicking below and purchasing a rock date, you are stating the you have read and agree to the above guidelines!


  • Paint with primer first to cover the paint from before

  • Use spray paint to do the design

  • Create stencils out of cardboard to help with the design


Spirit Rock Painters: 

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